Cydia Tweak Of The Day – iPcracker

ey Guys.
Today’s tweak of the day is ‘ iAPcracker’
This is an awesome tweak for all gamers on an iDevice .
what this tweak does is that it gives you FREE inApp purchases
for example lets take the Game ‘Angry Birds’. The inApp purcase here is the Mighty Eagle.All you need to do is click on purchase and iAPcracker will automatically purchase it for you.
NOTE : iAPcracker wprks for most of the apps . it doesnt work on some for eg : The Amazing spiderman

To install this tweak :
Cydia -> Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add -> -> Install iApcracker
Thats it guys. Hope you all get this amazing tweak 🙂


Cydia Tweak Of The Day – Overachiever

Hey Guys .

Today’s Tweak of the day is ‘ Overachiever’. This is an Awesome tweak that i have come across. What this tweak does is  ” Hack Game Center ” in simpler words.When you just simply open an app after signing into Game Center overchiever automatically opens and gets the achievements you haven’t achieved yet ! 

To Install this Tweak : 
Cydia -> Manage -> Sources -> Go to the BigBoss source ( It will be pre-installed ) -> Install overachiever 

That’s It .Hope Ya’ll get this tweak 🙂 

Cydia Tweak Of The Day – Infinidock + Cascade

Hey Guys 

Today’s Tweak is actually really really different . Its a combination of 2 Amazing tweaks namely Infinidock and Cascade. 

With the help of Infinidock you will now be able to store more than just 4 icons on your dock. With cascade you will be able to make your icons on the Dock rotate to a certain angle 

To InstallImage Infinidock And Cascade 

Cydia – Manage – Sources – Edit – Add – – Install ‘Infiniboard’ And ‘Cascade’

Installing these tweaks Gives you a really stylish dock .Remember guys cascade works great with 5-7 icons on your dock.

Hope you guys get this Tweak


Cydia Tweak Of The Day – Sbsettings

Hey Guys.

Today’s Tweak of the day is SBsettings.

This is probably the most awesome tweak i have ever encountered ! This tweak is basically used to Toggle on / off : Wifi , Bluetooth , iAPcracker, Adjust Brightness, Respring your iDevice and you will also be able to enter safe mode when necessary.


Now in order to get this tweak here’s what you guys need to do : 

* Open up cydia -> manage -> sources -> Go To the BigBoss source -> 

Install Sbsettings.

After installation I think you need to Reboot or Respring your iDevice .Simply slide your finger on the status bar and Sbsettings should open up

This is a great tweak and I hope all of you guys get this awesome tweak 🙂 


Cydia Tweak Of The Day – iSwipe

Hey Guys

Today’s Tweak of the day is iSwipe.

The iSwipe Cydia TweakImagek, type words by swiping across the keyboard. If you ever jealous with Swype keyboard on Android device, there’s a tweak for that. iSwipe Cydia Tweak replicates the Swype texting found on popular android devices. It works just like Swype for android.

A Swype keyboard is a touchscreen-based keyboard that lets you type without having to lift your fingers from the screen between each letter. Simply slide your finger across the screen with a slight pause when you need to get the letter you desire. However, iSwipe is still beta version, hence it may still buggy. Some people hate it, some people love it. Installing iSwipe is absolutely your choice.

To Get this Tweak Follow these steps : 

Cydia -> Manage -> Edit -> Add -> -> Go to the ‘I’ Section -> Click on iSwipe and Install it .

when you install the Tweak you will also get an additional app called ‘ iSwipe Add ‘ . This app is more or less like a dictionary . You can add words to this app and when you type them on your keyboard it gives an accurate result.

Hope you guys Get this Tweak 🙂


iPod Touch 5G – Update

Hey guys.

Many of you have been wondering when will the iPod Touch 5th Generation will be releasing . Basically it should be launching with the iPhone 5 which should be out by this Fall or by the beginning of 2013. 

The iPod Touch 5th Generation should be having a larger screen size , an A-5 chip as that in the iPhone      4-S ,A Capacitive home button and it also comes with 3-G ( As that in the iPad 2).

Honestly I Really Can’t wait ! 


Big iPhone/iPad Update Now Available

Whoa ! This is great
Blogging on the move

The Blog

Screenshot of Version 3.1 of WordPress for iOS, showing Panels & Sidebar

Today is an exciting day! A new version of WordPress for iOS was just pushed live, and it’s been dubbed the “biggest update ever”. It features a completely re-imagined interface for both iPhone and iPad that takes mobile blogging to the next level. It’s most noticeable on the iPad: a sliding panels interface enables you to quickly get to any part of the app and rediscover your content.

New Interface

As soon as you download the app you’re greeted by a new welcome screen that guides you while adding your blog(s) to the app. Once authenticated you’re taken right to the Reader, where you can catch up on the blogs you follow, find topics you like, and now use a friend finder to discover your friends’ blogs on

On the iPhone you’ll see a list icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Tap or swipe to…

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